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Shimano S70C V-Brake Pads

While it seems V-Brakes are rarely used today, there are still old-school types, commuters, and even pro cyclocross racers who use V-Brake pads on their bikes. Shimano's V-Brake pads have long been considered the standard bearer for stopping power and durability. The S70C V-Brake Pads are standard thickness XTR/XT level replacements, for severe wet or dry conditions. We are stocking both ceramic and standard alloy rim versions, so please make sure you are selecting the correct pad for you rims. These thinline pads will work well with all current and recent Shimano V-Brake calipers and many V-Brake style cyclocross systems.

One package includes 2 pads and 2 fixing pins. For alloy rims, select Sever Conditions. For ceramic rims, select Ceramic. DO NOT use ceramic pads on alloy rims under any circumstance. Neither pad is designed for use with carbon rims either. Pads feature a compound that balances wear with stopping power, and has been formulated for wet or dry use.


  • One pair of Shimano compatible V-Brake pads with fixing pins
  • XTR/XT level compound best for severe conditions- wet or dry
  • Works with all recent Shimano V-Brakes and many cross brakes that use v-pads
  • Severe Conditions pads for alloy rims only
  • Ceramic pads for ceramic rims only
  • 2 pads, 2 fixing pins for one brake
Reg Price $9.99


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