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Shimano SH-M315 Mountain Shoes

Shimano's top offering in a mountain shoe has taken a slightly different design and approach from previous models. The first thing you nay notice is the streamlined and slimed down look. Gone is the over built and bulky upper, buckles and straps. A thinner and more durable Rovenica material is used to shave weight and streamline the shoe to make it more Sidi-like.

The upper is also much more anatomical and contours the foot perfectly. The front of the shoe features a durable toe/kick guard to prevent your toes from being damaged and abused by rough terrain. The sole features a carbon fiber shank with 'tuned flex' for a good blend of rigidity and walkability. Tread is somewhat soft to offer good traction on rocks, dirt and unstable terrain.

As with other top end Shimano SPD shoes, the upper is heat moldable as are the insoles, to provide custom fit and personalization to your foot.


  • Simple and durable buckle system
  • Thin, low profile upper
  • Moldable upper and insoles
  • Drillings for toe spikes (spikes not included)
  • $198.88
    Reg Price $349.95
    Item #: 808285