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Shimano SH-R170 Road Shoes

Shimano put a lot of effort into the fit of the SH-R170 road shoes with their Dynalast last. This last secures the foot in the ideal ergonomic position which makes the up stroke more natural and biomechanically efficient. Shimano also revise the insole for improved arch support and comfort.

The retention system is borrowed from their top-end models with two offset straps and a ratcheting buckle that does a great job at securing the foot with excellent comfort and stability. The great looks of the upper are reminiscent of the R315. There is open mesh for breathability and supple yet stretch resistant synthetic leather.

The carbon fiber composite sole is quite stiff and a great platform for power transfer. The three hole drilling works with all modern road pedals and there is a textured area around the cleat to prevent slippage. Toe and heel pads help to provide a dose of traction when walking. Overall weight of the SH-R170 feeling very light and the scale confirms weights just a tad over a scant 500 grams.


  • Shimano Dynalast technology sole
  • Mesh and synthetic upper
  • 500 grams (size 40)
  • Three-hole cleat compatible
  • Dual density insole with improved arch support
Reg Price $199.95
Item #: 808224