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Shimano SH-WR61 Womens Road Shoes

At this price point, the WR61 lady's shoe has very little competition. In fact it's almost hard to believe Shimano can pack in some many performance features while using high quality materials and not charge more.

The upper is well vented and features plenty of non-stretch multi-layer material to keep the foot firmly planted in the shoe while pedaling. Two off set straps and one micro adjustable buckle take care of shoe closure. The white, glass fiber composite sole offers plenty of stiffness and is curved to anatomically fit the sole of your foot. The sole also has the industry standard 3 hole drilling pattern to fit almost any pedal system. The WR61 is based off the top of the line Shimano shoe design at an economical price.


  • Micro adjustable buckle
  • Offset velcro straps
  • Superb value
  • Great cosmetics
  • $48.00
    Reg Price $149.95


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