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Assos SS.suisseOlympiakos S7 Jersey


The Swiss Federation jersey is a source of pride for Assos and being such, many hours of research and testing went into the product cycle of this garment. So much so, we see three jerseys from this new design. All identical with the exception being the graphics. These jerseys are the Assos Corporate jersey, Mangusta jersey and the suisseOlympiakos S7 jersey you see here. This jersey is sometimes referred to as the Swiss Federation jersey

Plenty of focus went into moisture management through wicking perspiration and ventilation. If you can master these two things, then true body temp regulation can be achieved. Type 151 fabric was borrowed from the Mille jersey for this purpose. Beyond regulating body temp, it is soft, comfortable and provides UV protection.

Full zipper front adds another way of regulating body temp. 3 pockets and an additional zipper pocket take care of storage. The bottom back of the jersey has the familiar elastic hem. Assos's AEPD anatomical cut is designed to fit while riding or assuming the cycling position. It is a relatively simple concept that makes all the difference.

See where this garment fits into the synergistic Assos Layering System


  • Limited Edition Swiss graphics
  • Type 151 sleeves and front panel
  • Super vent arm pits
  • 3 storage pockets
  • Full zipper front
  • Choose color and size
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