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Feedback Sports Scale Table Top Digital

A table top scale is not only incredibly useful to have on-hand, but actually essential for many cyclists and outdoors folks. You can weigh your smaller components, piece of gear, or even measure out food, supplements, and so on. All of that may sound weight-weenieish, but the reality is that these weights can truly matter when wins and losses happen in an photo finish, or when an ultra-light backpacking trip into the backcountry is being planned. Or maybe you just ship a lot of blown-out used equipment at auction. You want a quick and easy way to accurately measure your things. You need to know the details and weights to ship. We have sold so many of these scales over the years, and have heard of so many outrageous rationales to buy, you'd hardly believe it.

The Feedback Sports Summit Scale has a durable shock resistant casing, and a stainless steel weighing surface. The scale will weigh items up to up 3kg (6.6 pounds) in 1 gram increments. The interface has a simple three button design- on/off, zero (tare), and mode (grams, ounces, lbs), is easy to use and covered with a protective layer that won't mind if your hands are greasy. The LCD digital display is front and center- always crisp and clear. You don't have to take our word for it. Ask your cycling buddies and fellow outdoors enthusiasts. We will bet most of them have scales, and be somewhat shocked when they find out you don't. Time to correct that oversight.


  • Compact, accurate, easy to use table top scale
  • 3kg or 6.6 pound capacity
  • Single gram digital resolution
  • Accuracy plus or minus one gram
  • 5.5 x 5.5 inch metal weighing surface, 13x9.75x2.5 inches overall
  • Easy to read LCD display with auto shut off to conserve power
  • Reads in grams ounces and pounds
  • Zero/tare function
  • 2 AAA batteries included
  • Weight: 1.33lbs
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