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Road    Brake Pads

Yokozuna Scott-Mathauser Brake Pads

Cast you mind back to the early to mid Eighties and think brake pads. You might remember Scott/Mathauser pads as being the number 1 upgrade for any brakeset on any high end road bike. They stopped better and lasted far longer than stock brake pads of it's era.

Ed Scott and Bill Mathauser came up with a brake compound that used an iron-oxide or 'rust' formulation that performed so well and lasted so long, that they are remembered to this day. Enter the Generation-X compound pad. This familiar salmon-colored compound features an updated iron-oxide formula over the original that performs in virtually any condition - dry or wet. The compound is so dense that it reduces the amount of debris that get lodged in the pad which causes rim wear and damage. Even though the pads are dense, they offer excellent modulation and superb wear life. One of our favorite pads.

The Scott/Mathauser pads should definitely be a consideration when looking for an upgrade over stock pads.


  • Sold in pairs
  • Excellent value
  • Salmon colored rust compound
  • Fits all Shimano/SRAM style shoes
  • $6.95
    Reg Price $6.99
    Item #: 219005