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Castelli Seamless Short Sleeve

The Castelli Seamless Base Layer represents Castelli's best and latest technology in a summer base garment. Seamless construction provides you with a fit so soft and comfortable, it feels like a natural extension of your body. It was developed and perfected with input from select Team Garmin riders.

The Seamless base uses a two material construction to achieve moisture management with maximum ventilation. The inner layer next to your body is woven polypropylene which rapidly transports moisture away from your skin to keep you dry. This moisture is transferred outward to the outer layer which has an open mesh construction. This layer exposes the moisture it captures for quick evaporation. Being super vented, this outer mesh layer also provides massive amount of venting to keep you cool and helps regulate your body temperature. It's the perfect nexus of fabrics working in in tandem to keep you cool and dry.

The Seamless base uses 3 panels; the body and two arms. The only actual seams on the garment are the flat stitching that joins these three panels. All panels are anatomically correct to provide you with a tailored-like product that fits without sag or bunching of material. One of the best base layers you can purchase and the toast of the peloton.


  • Seamless construction
  • Anatomical patterned fit
  • 2 fabrics working as one approach
  • Super soft, cashmere-like fabric
  • 3 mesh vent sizes for optimal air flow
  • Flat stitch between panels
  • Most used base layer in the Pro peloton
Reg Price $54.99


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