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Cervelo Seatpost SP6 for old S2 and S3

The Cervelo SP6 seatpost is an improved design over the stock S2 and S3 seatpost that has a tendency to creak from the seat clamp. The SP6 borrows on the S5 design and uses a Ritchey one-bolt style clamp that makes saddle angle adjustment a breeze. It only clamps standard 7mm saddle rails and an oversize rail kit is required for oval or non-standard rails. The post allows for about 25mm of fore and aft adjustment to fit a wide range of riding positions.

Length is 410mm from rails to end and 345mm from rails to min insertion line. At least 65mm should be inserted into the frame (we might suggest at least 100mm) and the post can be cut if needed. Cervelo suggests greasing all bolt and provides a packet of Ritchey Liquid Torque for the metal to metal contact areas.


  • 226 grams
  • Carbon construction
  • Improved 1-bolt clamp
  • Fits standard 7mm saddle rails
  • Adjustable seatback
  • A minimum of 65mm should be inserted into frame
  • $199.95
    Item #: 249503 Weight: 226g
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