Hutchinson Secteur 28 Tubeless Tire

Aptly named after the sectors of Pave and cobbles in the famed Paris Roubaix classic, this tire is aimed to fulfill your needs on dirt, cobbles, rough pavement, chip seal and anything else you want to through at it. Interestingly enough, the Secteur 28 tires were originally designed for the FDJ racing team who were sponsored by Hutchinson for use in some European spring classics. They were never actually intended to be sold on a retail level, however, after witnessing significant growth in the tubeless tire market, Hutchinson decided to offer these for consumption to the general public.

The unique tread compound grips well in all conditions and has a very unique profile. The center bead is slick for fast rolling, while the corner bead has a micro, then macro dot-matrix like tread pattern for added grip when you're leaning the tire over in a turn.

The square carbon fiber bead profile on the Fusion 3 tubeless matches tubeless specific rims for the important lock-tight fit required for reliable performance on a tubeless system. Hutchinson is an innovator in tubeless technology and has lead the way with tubeless in the mountain arena and now are setting the standard in road tire innovation.


  • Designed for FDJ
  • Hutchinson tubeless squared bead
  • Smooth/knurled tread pattern
  • Durable casing
  • 284 grams
Sale Price
Reg Price $110.00


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