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WTB Silverado Pro Saddle

WTB's Silverado Pro saddle is designed as a XC race, performance orientated saddle with a steel rail and synthetic top. The unique shape features a long and somewhat narrow nose for mobility on the saddle while riding. The rear of the saddle is squared off to properly move your sit bones to the correct area of the seat. Two Comfort Zone cut-outs are directly under you sit bones for added relief. There is a third cut out in the prostate area, for again, more pressure relief. WTB's ever popular Love Channel depression in the center of the saddle is combined with DNA moldable padding for the utmost in comfort. Put all these elements together and you get a winning design.

In short, the Silverado is a light and comfortable 'racing type' saddle. Being able to move around the saddle essential for performance riding, and the Silverado meets this requirement. All of the WTB features loaded into the design make it a product to consider when looking for a new saddle.


  • DNA moldable padding
  • ABR protective corners
  • 3 Comfort Zone cut outs
  • Flex Tuned shell
  • Tubular nickel chromium rails
  • 230 grams
  • $74.95
    Reg Price $90.00
    Item #: 705130 Weight: 230g
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