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Giordana Silverline Womens Jersey

It's no surprise that many women gravitate towards Giordana when purchasing cycling apparel. Simply put, designing women's specific clothing is a focus. They put a premium on producing garments that combine perfected feminine contours to match a women's physique with subdued, but brilliant styling cues. Women's apparel seems to come natural to Giordana designers which make the fact that the company is named after a women and the clothing is produced in Italy perfectly appropriate.

The Silverline features a patterned fit specifically designed for women. Giordana worked hard to get this right and they succeeded. It's called Women's Contoured Fit and beyond all the technical features and soft and comfortable feel of the jersey, the perfected fit is every womens dream. These main panels are constructed from Giordana's MicroPhase fabric. The material has a two filament (two thread layer) approach. Both filaments work in tandem like this: you sweat and perspire onto the filaments or threads that are next to your skin. This moisture then gets transferred to the outer thread layer. The threads next to your skin are now dry again and the moisture in the outer thread layer dries out quickly from exposure to the elements. Beyond moisture management, MicroPhase is durable and lightweight. The arm cuffs feature LoPro 45 cuffs. These cuffs have silicone threads, so they keep the sleeves in place without feeling tight and restrictive.

As with other Giordana jerseys, the Silverline features a full length YKK Camlock zipper that helps regulate body temp and is easy to use while on the bike. Rear facing reflective piping increases visibility and three standard pockets handle on-board storage. Handmade in Italy.


  • MicroPhase anatomic main panels
  • LoPro 45 arm cuffs
  • Full length YKK Camlock zipper
  • Tailored and patterned fit
  • Soft fabrics with high wicking capacity
  • Simple and understated graphics
  • Rear 3 pocket storage
  • Made in Italy
Reg Price $119.95


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