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Chris King Single Speed Stainless Steel Cog

Sometimes the folks at Chris King have a way of saying things that get right to the point. In the case of the Single Speed Cog they offer it goes something like this: If you're going to run just one gear, it might as well be the very best you can get.. Well ain't that the truth. The single cog takes a lot of abuse and it's nice to have one made of superior materials and craftsmanship for longevity and zero headaches on the trail.

These cogs are constructed of stainless steel, then heat treated for additional strength and longer wear times, and finally bead blasted for a smooth running surface for improved chain glide. These are available from 16t-20t and are designed to fit Chris King Single Speed rear hubs.


  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Heat treated and bead blasted
  • Choose cog size
  • Average weight is approx 40 grams
  • Made in USA

Designed to fit Chris King Single Speed hubs only. May not work on non-Chris King hubs.

Reg Price $55.00


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