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Mountain    Tires - 29 inch

Kenda Small Block 8 29er Tire

This cross country folding bead tire is based on the #1 rated, John Tomac Nevegal. John wanted a smaller, low profile knob tire with more knobs on it. The Nevegal has 6 knobs that transverse the tire from side to side. The Small Block Eight has 8 small (Nevegal shaped) knobs that stretch side to side. These smaller knobs allow for more bite and grip. These changes allow for improved cornering, climbing , and traction.

Don't let the round profile fool you, these tires hook up incredibly well. In wet and sloppy conditions you may opt for a front tire with some more bite. There are a lot of riders and Excel Staff that go right to the Small Block 8 as there rear tire choice - it's fast, grippy and the round profile lends itself perfectly for a rear shoe.


  • 8 small knobs that stretch side to side
  • Extremly grippy tire
  • John Tomac Signature Series
  • 587 grams
  • $39.95
    Reg Price $63.75
    Item #: 754105