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Enve Smart System 3.4 Clincher Wheelset

When Enve Composites develops a wheelset featuring the company's incredible carbon rims, the intent is to develop race-level wheels that can be ridden every day. After all, isn't it ideal to train with your race wheels and tires to maximize your riding experience? Enve believes this. The Smart Enve System (SES) 3.4 Clincher Wheelset may be the company's most versatile, best all around offering for those who plan to maximize the value of their wheel investment. Enve partnered with Simon Smart, a true aerodynamic guru, to develop the rim shapes, depths, and widths that best match the all around purpose of these wheels.The best part is you get Enve's proven proprietary molded carbon rims with continual UD fibers and molded spoke holes for maximum strength. As always, Enve uses the completely removable bladder system during construction to keep your wheels clean and light, inside and out. The SES rims feature a molded-in textured braking surface that helps to modulate power and keeps braking optimal in wet or dry conditions.

The SES 3.4 system is specifically designed as a multi-purpose wheelset that can be used in virtually all weather conditions, on all terrain, and in any discipline. SES mates a 35mm deep front rim with a 45mm deep rear to provide maximum performance characteristics for 3.4. Whether you are cruising on the flats, climbing or descending, the 3.4 wheel system is capable of producing very low drag numbers similar to competing 50-60mm deep wheels while creating a higher stability in windy conditions, in corners, and while braking. In addition to the rim depth, SES produces complementary rim widths: a 26mm wide front and a 24mm wide rear. The additional width improves handling by delivering more direct tire support. This is particularly noticeable in the front, where the cyclist must rely on the leading cornering edge. The 26mm and 24mm rims are optimized to work on all bike frames and brake caliper designs with a 23mm tire. The Smart Enve System optimizes the rim shape to maintain aerodynamic principles at all common yaw angles, as well as how the wheels interface with frame surfaces. Enve tested wheels on multiple frame designs in order to ensure the maximum drag reduction in the broadest set of circumstances. The result is a wheel system that minimizes drag, is incredibly stable at all times, and performs no matter the situation, giving the rider ultimate confidence.

SES provides the rim and overarching properties of the 3.4 Clincher Wheelset, but don't forget about the details of the wheel build. Enve constructs wheels with the essential balance of lateral, torsional, and vertical stiffness. Laterally, your wheel must track perfectly, especially under power load or cornering force. Torsional stiffness is a representation of power transfer from the hub to the rim, often referred to as wind-up. All wheels must have some vertical compliance to be able to handle road impact or compaction. The level of this deflection is your vertical stiffness. In this wheelset, DT Swiss 240 hubs are laced to the Enve rims using lightweight, stiff, slightly bladed DT Aerolite spokes. This combination, laced radially in the front with 20 spokes, and two-cross in the rear with 24 spokes, truly creates a tunable ride quality and impressive acceleration from the DT star ratchet engagement system. The hubset is easy to service, and the j-bend Aerolites are widely available. DT's contributions are very light, strong, and durable; a perfect match for the Enve SES 3.4 rims. All together, the SES 3.4 Carbon Clincher Wheelset featuring DT Swiss weighs less than 1430 grams.

If you want amazing performance, ride quality, aerodynamic advantage, handling assurance, and sustainable serviceability from your race level wheelset, the SES 3.4 Clincher is the perfect choice. Enve backs these US made rims with a five year warranty from manufacturing defect and offers a lifetime crash replacement program. The wheelset comes with lightweight Enve Skewers, specific rimstrips, and Enve's specially formulated brake pads. Making an investment in high-performance wheels is now much easier thanks to Enve's commitment to ride-every-day excellence.


  • Exceptional all around aerodynamic, lightweight carbon clincher wheelset
  • SES developed/patented aerodynamic rim shape, depth, and width
  • Stable, sure, immediate response from this engineered wheelset
  • Rim width: Front 26mm, Rear 24mm
  • Rim depth: Front 35mm, Rear 45mm
  • Hubset: DT Swiss 240 F/R Quick release type 100/130, Shimano/SRAM 9, 10, 11
  • Spoke count/lacing: Front 20h/radial, Rear 24h/2 cross
  • Spokes: DT Aerolite (black) with Enve-specific brass inverted spoke nipples
  • Enve Quick Releases and Enve Brake pads for Shimano/SRAM included
  • Weight 1426 grams
  • Made in the US


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