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Enve Smart System 6.7 Clincher Wheelset

Understated with more technology than you can shake a stick at. When you first look at the Enve Smart System line of wheels it is natural to think that Smart System must be some sort of acronym or maybe even something the marketing department came up with between Xbox sessions. It is actually someone's name. Simon Smart, formerly the aerodynamicist for Red Bull's Formula One team who took all of his knowledge and applied it to bikes. He started small, working with the top level teams and athletes in cycling to help develop riding positions and even clothing to help riders find their extra drag. He then assisted in the development for some of the most aero frames in the industry and now he has added collaboration with Enve to develop the world's fastest wheels. Simon has utilized the full force of the performance motorsports world he has come from to develop aerodynamics for bikes by using the Mercedes Benz F1 wind tunnel and all of its hardware and software benefits to test and optimize his designs.

When Enve and Smart collaborated on the 6.7 wheel they looked at the process a little differently. They began by looking at the aerodynamics of the entire bike. What they discovered was the different needs for a front wheel and a rear wheel, not only in depth, but in width as well. The idea is, if you have a front wheel on your bike, it is the leading edge for the bike. By making that leading edge wider and shallower you are able to create improved stability and reduce drag in any wind condition. On the rear, the aerodynamic interaction between the wheel, rider and frame allows for a deeper wheel that won't affect stability. It will reduce drag and increase speed. Enve is a company that is constantly developing technologies. They have a nice list of developments including the Highest strength to weight ratio in the industry, proprietary molded in spoke hole technology and textured brake surfaces for a more positive engagement in wet weather.

You have to hand it to Enve for knowing what they are good at. They know that rims are their game and hubs and spokes are for someone else to master. So they went out on a quest for the best hubs they could find, the DT Swiss 240 hubs. Then they paired them up with the best spokes they could find, the Sapim CX-Ray. With these components found they created one of the best wheels you can find today.


  • Wind Tunnel Tested
  • Stability optimized design
  • Simon Smart aero development
  • Textured Brake surface
  • Sapim CX-Ray Spokes
  • DT Swiss 240 Hubs
  • 60mm deep 26mm wide front rim
  • 70mm deep 24mm wide rear rim
  • Made in the USA
  • Front 723 grams (clincher)
  • Rear 878 grams (clincher)

For optimal aerodynamics use 23mm tires with the SES system.

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