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Topeak Smarthead Upgrade Hose-Head

The Topeak Smarthead™ Upgrade allows you to install a Smarthead on any existing pump and includes several adapters for a variety of installation options.

The SmartHead™ pump head senses whether your inner tube valve stem is Presta or Schrader and automatically adjusts the internals for a perfect, air tight fit every time. There is no need for adapters or swapping out pump head parts, just push the SmartHead™ onto the valve, flip the locking lever and start pumping.

This upgrade is a perfect way to improve a good pump with a leaky, hard to use or defective pump head.


  • 42" long hose
  • Works with most pump brands
  • Auto adjusts from Presta to Schraeder
  • Improves a good pump with a leaky or defective pump head
  • $22.95
    Item #: 462226 Weight: 259g
    Item is in stock