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Syncros Speed 350 Saddle Bag

The Syncros Speed 350 is identical in every way to its smaller sibling the 280 except it adds more space for hauling items on the ride. At .35L this pack is on the slightly large side of standard. That being said, you will most likely never be let down on the side of the road due to the extra amount of repair items you can bring along. At a minimum, you can fit 2 tubes, 3 CO2 canisters and a multi tool and still have room left over for some other small items.

The pack has a rigid base which creates a structured form. This means you will get no sagging or creases and it makes it easy to get at the contents. The 350 also has a thin vertical profile, much akin to the old school tubular saddle bags. Match the profile with the black on black graphics and we give it top grades for style. The bag attaches to the saddle rail via one Velcro strap. Another seatpost strap is used to completely secure the bag to the bike and prevent it from moving around when in motion.

Mesured size is 16cm long, 6cm high and 5.5cm wide. Technology includes a separate tool sleeve inside, water resistant zipper and a loop to fix a rear light.


  • 82 grams
  • Semi rigid body with dual Velcro straps
  • Holds two tubes, 3 - C02 canisters and multi tool
  • Blackout graphics
  • Single hidden zipper
Item #: 665703
Out of stock - ETA: 9/1/2014