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Syncros Speed Ride Wallet

Perhaps what we enjoy the most about this product is that fact that it widens our normally narrow perception of what a ride storage bag should look like and how it should function. This thin-profiled wallet allows you to store all core items you need on a ride, sans tubes.

Open the wallet and you will find the water tight phone/money pouch to your right and multi tool/patch kit and tire lever storage on your left. Of course these pouches can be used for other items if you prefer. The Speed wallet is a classy way to carry items without having to have a monster pack under your saddle. It also finds a solution to the woes of carrying paper money and phones along on rides. Both of which have been problematic since riders started carry either on bike journeys.

The pouches inside the wallet close with Velcro's while the actual wallet flap closes with a good ol' elastic strap. Now familiar black on black Syncros graphics round out and complete the package.


  • Water proof phone/money pouch
  • 3 pocket tools storage
  • Thin profile
  • Stealth graphics
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Item #: 665705
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 Anonymous : 

Nice idea but not well designed. The compartments are too small. For example, I would like to store my car key in the key compartment. The key to my Honda is 3.75 inches long, and it will not fit in the key compartment. I can fit my blackberry phone in the phone compartment; Unfortunately, the white plastic piece used seal/unseal phone the compartment fell off. I was unable to get the clear plastic compartment unsealed, so I had to cut the plastic. As you can see in the photo, It is not possible to store a small patch kit, and I know if no tools set that would fit in the tool compartment. Try again.

Pros: Nice Fabric

Cons: Does not work