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USE Spin Stix Titanium

The USE Spin Stix are a simple and very effective quick release skewer that is as durable as it is light. USE's Double Start thread tightens in half of a turn for faster wheel changes which makes them just as easy and quick to use as conventional cam skewers.

The head is constructed from solid 7075 series alloy billet. It is CNC'd to perfection then anodized for good looks and durability. The same detail goes for the locking nut. The axle is pure 3/25 titanium for even more weight reduction. The threads of the axle are rolled for absolute prescision.


  • Double Start threads
  • Laser etched graphics
  • Quick, simple and easy to use
  • Levers/Nut feature 7075 CNC aluminium construction
  • 55 grams/pair
  • Made in England
Reg Price $75.00
Item #: 268235


Average Rating:

9/1/2010 10:29:07 AM

 Anonymous : 

I have bin using these for years and think they work great. I have at least 20k miles on the current pair and never had a wheel fall off.

5/6/2010 1:17:35 AM

 Anonymous : 

These things work very well, and they do save weight. I have them on my road bike. My touring bike wears a pair of Dura-Ace skewers. Just remember that unlike camming skewers, you can’t lust look at them and know they are locked. They also don’t develop quite the locking force of really good camming skewer (like the Dura-Ace), but they work fine for my road bike, where the dropouts are near vertical.

12/19/2007 2:04:35 PM

 Anonymous : 

Just recently purchased some of these and they weighed in as advertised. These were well worth the money and have great looks as well. The Spin to tighten works flawlessly and once your familiar with the location of the nut on the threads, aligning in an aero position is very fast. I also had to cut mine but had no issues doing so. I used a 32t hacksaw blade held the shaft firmly in a vice and made my cut very carefully. After cutting I used a fine file to remove any burrs and ensure a quality cut. Great product - 5 stars!

7/20/2007 7:45:49 PM

 Anonymous : 

Mine came in 13 grams over the advertised weight, and that’s also with an alpine sports ultimate scale. Further, the clamping surface is very narrow, which means these will dig into your dropouts more than other skewers (especially because you have to twist them on). I would go somewhere else for lightweight skewers if that’s your priority

6/27/2007 4:25:26 PM

 Anonymous : 

Save your money, these things dont save you any time for putting on the wheel and tightening it. In fact I think it takes longer to do it just right so the levers are aero and not sticking in weird directions. Mine came in at 10 grams more than advertised weight. Only buy these if you have tried every where on your bike to shave weight but for the money I dont think they are worth it. Plus they are a real pain to cut to the proper length if you dont have the right equipment like a hack saw with 32 teeth and a vice bench.

4/12/2007 11:44:17 AM

 Anonymous : 

I’ve used these for over 2 months. Great for the road bike- Merlin Extralight. Ultimate scale measured them at 55 grams- exactly how advertised. Very nice feel, take just a moment to take off/put on a wheel. I use them with a Powertap rear with no problems. Another pair is going on my Cervelo P3Carbon.