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Continental Sprinter Gatorskin Tubular Tire

The Continental Sprinter Gatorskin Tubular is a staff favorite because it provides the best of both worlds. It has the ride feel of a quality tubular which makes it great for both racing and training. The Sprinter Gatorskin really wins people over, however, with its exceptional durability inherent in most Continentals plus a super-protective Gatorskin sidewall. This tire is great for riders who want to get the miles in and minimize problems without sacrificing ride quality.

The casing is constructed from three layers of Continental's proprietary polyamide casing. This casing gives the Sprinter a light and firm but resilient ride quality. A Nylon-Kevlar belt virtually eliminates punctures and Dura-Skin anti-cut fabric keeps these tires rolling on the worst roads.

The Black Chili compound is derived directly from Moto GP racing and offers lots of high end technology. It is essentially a blend of natural and synthetic rubbers. The natural rubber is mixed with 'nano' sized soot particles, who's surface properties are optimized to deform around surface objects and inconsistencies in the road for better grip. These small particles also form a tighter bond with each other improving compound strength for improved longevity and shear strength. Thanks to these polymers and carbon fillers, the Black Chili ends up being some of the strongest and most durable tread available as well as having the least amount of rolling resistance. The fillers also greatly reduce flatting.


  • 3 ply 180 tpi casing
  • Gatorskin sidewall protection with DuraSkin anti-cut cloth
  • Safety Breaker - Nylon-Kevlar protective strip
  • Black Chili compound
  • Long lasting
  • Recommended 110 psi
  • Max 170 psi
  • 288 grams
  • Made in Germany

Please note: Excel cannot accept for return tubular tires that have been glued to the rim.

Reg Price $79.95
Item #: 740025 Weight: 288g