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Craft Storm Glove

The Storm Glove from Craft is a perfect option for moderately cool and wet conditions in the Fall and Spring. This is not a serious winter glove, but a serious transitional season glove. With excellent wind blocking and water repelling properties you will be protected from the elements you ride into, and the light fleece insulation will give you just enough loft for warmth and heat regulation. Of course, as with any Craft product, moisture management is a priority and the fleece eases moisture off the skin and releases it through the outer layers. This softshell style glove is smooth and supple, employing a balance of a highly protective shell outer with neoprene, and an elastic, thin softshell palm material. A neoprene cuff keeps the elements out and eliminates the need for a closure, making this an easy slip-on piece.

Craft has focused on a slim fit for the Storm Glove, and the ergonomic cut and supple materials ensure a good fit and even better function. There is no extra bulk or material to get hung up or reduce your feel for the bars and controls. The only extras are truly functional and purposeful. You get the standard soft terry wiping surface on the back of the thumb, and a pull tab on the cuff for pulling the glove on and off. Logos and designs are reflective for safety purposes, and the silicone print on the palm, fingers and thumb provide excellent grip in wet or dry conditions. The Storm Glove from Craft is truly an exercise in functionality with purpose. For many cyclists across the US, Fall and Spring riding seasons are the bulk of the calendar, and the equipment they use in these conditions will be crucial to high volume training and riding. The Storm Glove was designed and built for these riders.


  • Thin Craft Softshell multilayer knit stretchy outer, 80 % Polyester,20% Elastane
  • Outer midlayer and cuff 100% Nylon Neoprene Rubber
  • Smooth, ergonomic fit with active stretch, soft fleece against skin
  • Slip-on style with supple wrist elastic cuff and under wrist pull tab
  • Silicone on palm, fingers, and thumb for excellent grip
  • Reflective logos and details promote visibility
  • Color- Black/White
  • Sizes- Small, Medium, Large, XL
Reg Price $49.99


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