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Challenge Strada Bianca Clincher Blk-Blk 700x30

With the popularity of dirt section road races exploding - think Battenkill or the Strada Bianca, there is an increasing need for wider tires that actually ride like a performance racing tire. Stada bianca refers to the iconic white gravel roads in Tuscany conjuring images of dust billowing through country vineyards behind a peloton as their tires crunch musically over the gravel roads. The aptly named Challenge Strada Bianca (formerly called the Eroica) perfectly fills that niche.

In the past a wide, durable tire used to be synonymous with a stiff, dead ride. Challenge refers to the clincher Strada Bianca as an "Open Tubular". Yes this make it a little confusing, but what they really mean is the 260tpi handmade casing it built to be supple - like a tubular. This gives the Strada Bianca an ability to roll over gravel and small rocks for a smooth, comfortable and fast ride. The fine tread will keep you rolling fast when the gravel sections end and the pavement begins.


  • 350 grams
  • 100-130 psi recommended inflation range
  • PPS puncture protection strip
  • Handmade 260 tip casing
  • Fine tread
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