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Reynolds Strike SLG Carbon Clincher Wheelset

What were you doing in 1889? Reynolds was making the first butted tubesets for bikes and they have been constantly innovating technologies for bikes ever since. We don't think it should be any surprise that they are making innovative and quality wheelsets today with the technologies they have developed with well over a century's experience.

Deeper than the rest of the Reynolds lineup at 62mm and just as wide at 25mm. This wheelset is designed to cut through the air. You will notice the acronym SLG in the name of these wheels and you may wonder what that means. This is a technology that Reynolds has developed called a Swirl Lip Generator. It refers to a small lip on the crown of the rim on both sides and its role is to significantly reduce drag by smoothing turbulence and pressure drag. Reynolds has published pages of research that explain this in detail, but basically, it helps to reduce drag by about 20% in order to make the wheel faster. It works too since this wheel is a mainstay in the Tri and TT community all over the world.

The Strike SLG features DT Aerocomp bladed spokes and alloy nipples. It also features Reynolds hubs which are as durable as they are simple. Reynolds utilizes their CTg Braking System on these wheels as well to enhance braking performance and reduce heat buildup by 53%. Brake pads are included and essential as part of the system. CTg is an acronym for Cryogenic Glass Transition and is comprised of very specific carbon and resin combinations to help dissipate heat.

Compatible with Shimano/SRAM cassettes of up to 11-speed to work with all modern drivetrains.


  • CFD optimized aerodynamics
  • 25mm wide & 62mm deep
  • 16 hole front & 20 hole rear
  • Radial front and non-drive, 1X drive side lacing
  • Includes Brake pads and Skewers
  • CTg Braking system
  • Alloy Nipples
  • DT Aerocomp spokes
  • 727 grams Front
  • 888 grams Rear
Reg Price $1,900.00
Item #: 065005
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