Ritchey SuperLogic Carbon Rizer Bar


The SuperLogic Carbon Rizer bar has identical construction as the SuperLogic flat bar except in a 15mm rise with a 660mm width. It sets the bench mark for a contemporary low rise bar. Nothing is lighter stronger or stiffer. When considering weight, you need to calculate the fact that the bars are 660mm wide, so gram per mm there is nothing lighter. If the industries best low rise bar is what you're after, you found it right here.

The UD carbon has Logic Composite Technology(LCT). In short, LCT is proprietary process for maximizing UD carbon fiber's high tensile strength by combining it with a low weight resin. The result is an astonishing low weight and stiff bar that are durable and have excellent dampening properties.

The bar is coated with a gloss finish which protects the carbon and makes cleaning them a simple procedure. Low profile Ritchey SuperLogic graphics are applied on each side of the bar clamp. Measurement marks make them easy to center and adjust to the proper angle.


  • UD carbon LCT construction
  • Gloss finish
  • 15mm rise
  • 9º sweep
  • 6º bend
  • 31.8 clamp diameter
  • 660mm width
  • 145 grams

Please note: not bar end compatible

Reg Price $189.95


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