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Ritchey SuperLogic Logic II Handlebar


The essence of SuperLogic is to offer the absolute lightest AND strongest design suitable for World Cup racing through cutting edge technology. In skunk works development for years, it is now available to the general public.

The secret to the low weight and high strength is in the construction. The SuperLogic Logic II handlebar is made with UD (unidirectional) carbon material in a monocoque frame design. The carbon is relieved and butted in every possible area to reduce every gram possible. On that note, material is also added to reinforce areas that require it, like the stem and control clamp areas. At this low weight, the bar is remarkably stiff and durable. It will not bend and flex under load. It also provides quite a bit of dampening of road vibration.

The round tops have grooves for cables and feature the R65 (65° radius) bend where the tops bend to the brake/shift levers for quick movement and changing of hand positions. The drops have a distinct anatomic flat spot for secure grip and comfort when you dip down to the hooks. Sandpaper-like texture by stem and brake/shifter clamp areas prevent slippage and allow the stem and controls to be mounted with less torque.

The most note worthy feature of the Logic II bars is what Ritchey calls Fit Logic. The reach and drop are adjusted for each size/width bar. The wider the bar, the deeper and longer the reach. Makes perfect sense. So much sense in fact, when we first saw this size specific fitting system, we have to wonder why all high end handlebars do not offer it - especially at the high-end.

The SuperLogic Logic II are a staff favorite and available in 40cm-44cm and come in the industry standard 31.8mm bar clamp diameter.


  • Proven Logic II bends
  • 188 grams
  • 2 ° flare on drops
  • Grooves hide cables
  • Textured clamp areas
  • Beautiful & understated graphics
  • Dimensions

  • 72mm Reach
  • 125mm Drop
  • 78mm Reach
  • 132mm Drop
  • 82mm Reach
  • 144mm Drop

  • $319.95
    Item #: 384070 Weight: 190g
    Item Ships Free