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CycleOps SuperMagneto Pro Trainer

The SuperMagneto Pro trainer features 4 distinct power curves that can be manually selected. This make it perfect for use with multiple riders with different abilities or those who like to vary their workout intensities from session to session. It features a pro series frame for strength and, single-leg leveling that adjusts for riding on most any surface. A quick-lock cam lever allows quick and easy bike installation with a simple 90º turn of the handle. The SuperMagneto Pro has a flywheel to deliver a smooth ride and a realistic road feel.

A few riders are switching back to magnetic trainers from fluid trainers for a few reasons. Fluid trainers are great in the mid-resistance range where the bulk of endurance work takes place but the newer, quality magnetic trainers provide a wider range of resistance just by shifting gears. This allows the light climbers to get an easy recovery spin while strong sprinters and time trialists can also melt their legs in 10-15 seconds for quality max strength and power work. Finally, though the seals on the newer fluid trainers are generally reliable a mag trainer will never leak.


  • Flywheel provides smooth road feel
  • Power curve for every rider type and ride type in one trainer
  • 4 resistance curves; easy, road, interval and mountain
  • Features Pro Series frame
  • Cam lever allows quick and easy bike installation
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