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Road    Bar Tape

Fizik Superlight Handlebar Tape

This tape is a staff favorite because it has just the right amount of padding and the perfect ride feel. The surface has the ideal amount of tack and resists slippage. It is very long lasting and also easy to clean. Fizik Superlite microtex tape is one of the more refined and aesthetically best looking bars tapes making it a perfect complement for a high-end machine.

Fi'zi:k bar tape is made of Microtex material. Microtex is a specific microfiber with very high abrasion and UV resistance. Microtex makes an excellent bar tape because it is durable, strong, breathable and washable. Because it is strong, it does not rip during the installation process like cork sometimes can. It will outlast most other bar tapes.

There are several colors and two textures to choose from. The "Soft Touch" has a softer, suede texture and the Black Soft Touch is our biggest seller. The regular type features a smoother surface that is easier to clean. Both options are extremely long lasting, but the smooth finish can be expected to last slightly longer than the "soft touch".


  • Breathable
  • Easy to install without tearing
  • Microtex microfiber with adhesive backing
  • Excellent texture - smooth and comfortable
  • Includes black bar end plugs and finishing tape
  • Durable and long-lasting in all weather conditions
Reg Price $19.95
Item #: 364011 Weight: 50g


Average Rating:


 Anonymous : 

If you are a pro, or ride like one, and have a high-end machine, AND can wrap tape, then this tape is definitely for you! It's perfect tape, and any review here that "cries" about shredding, or unraveling simply is a cheap review at that. The soft touch is my favorite, not to mention it is the classiest tape I've ever seen or used. As far as the wrap-job you are about to undertake, please, take your time with it. And if you really do it right it should be one of the most God forbidden tasks you will learn to hate. Besides changing a tubular, changing your tape (if you do it correctly) should be the next dreading thing you'll ever have to undertake. Now go tackle the world and bring out the perfectionist in you!

Pros: soft touch, the look, the beauty, the pro

Cons: Ah, none


 Anonymous : 

This review is for the soft handlebar tape. I bought it thinking it was the traditional "leathery" tape I've used for years. It feels ok but is more difficult to wrap and if you anchor the ends with electrical tape and have to rewrap them, the electrical tape adheres to the suede-like surface and tears it. I'm looking again for the old style.

Pros: Feels ok

Cons: Can be challenging to wrap, tears easily


 Anonymous : 

Yes might need to know how to wrap tape if you buy this product. I love the feel. Excellent for the guy or gal that rides long and hot. You'll love the way it stays clean and never feels like you just petted a wet cat. Last a long time and looks fab.


 Anonymous : 

I have had this tape on my bike for about five short seasons (thanks to a real job I am a weekend warrior.) Only in the last few weeks has the tape begun to tear and come apart at the edges, but it still holds well. Theres not a lot of padding, and the surface of the silver tape is a little slippery when dry. It wraps a little different than other tapes, but when done right it looks gorgeous. If I were to buy this again Id get the soft black or grey color for what looks to be a better grip. If you like a little slip in your tape then go for the silver or other vinyl-type finishes. All in all this I think this is a really nice looking tape thats quite durable, but I will opt for a Deda or Profile style tape due my personal preference of cork-like tape. One star off for minimal padding and high price.

9/9/2011 8:47:45 AM

 Anonymous : 

The Fizik tape looks good, and it wraps fairly easily. However, it begins to ”shed” at the edges quickly. I wrapped my bars with black Fizik tape in June; I replaced it with D--- tape in August. The D--- tape looks better from the start, and it lasts much longer

We assume that D--- means Deda handlebar tape - ed

7/9/2010 5:17:44 PM

 Anonymous : 

This tape is great out of the box, but if you rewrap it after changing housing or moving brake levers, it becomes quite slick. Like greased teflon slick.

5/15/2010 3:18:40 PM

 Anonymous : 

I have this tape on a number of bikes and agree with most of the reviewers here, it’s great. Very durable and comfortable enough, great grip wet or dry. ONE NOTE: If you want white tape don’t get the soft touch version. The standard white tape does stay incredibly clean, as many others have noted. The soft touch, on the other hand, gets incredibly dirty. The suede-like finish of the soft touch tape has a nice feel but it basically soaks up grease, sweat, brake dust, whatever.

3/21/2010 4:43:16 PM

 Anonymous : 


1/29/2010 10:32:45 AM

 Anonymous : 

Most comfortable tape I’ve ever used. Love the grip since I can relax my hands a bit more but still feel well in control, especially if there are unexpected jolts (lots of those on crappy LA roads). BUT, I just don’t understand how users can say it doesn’t show the dirt easily. Not that it matters, but this tape is a dirt magnet. Think about it. How can it have grip without having dirt and dust stick? As I said, it doesn’t really matter but c’mon people... use your heads. That said, it applies easily and stays put. Great stuff.

1/12/2010 6:06:43 PM

 Anonymous : 

This tape is awesome! it has a very nice grip, even when wet. it is also very durable and lightweight.

11/28/2009 5:01:20 AM

 Anonymous : 

I love this tape. I have it on 8 of the classic bikes in my collection. I’ve been riding "10 speeds" since 1964 and it’s the best feeling handle bar tape I’ve ever used. I use the smooth style tape, it has the look and feel of a leather wrapped steering wheel. The suede style is too much like the common cork or foam tapes - I can’t stand the dry feel of those style tapes. Fizik tape is very easy to apply and there’s ample tape to do bars as wide as 46cm. At the suggestion of my LBS, I recently applied Fizik tape over some used cloth tape. It feels even better and more vibration absorbing. As far as the negative reviews are concerned, to each his own but some people probably have trouble picking their nose!

8/6/2009 8:20:34 AM

 Anonymous : 

This is the best bar tape available, PERIOD. It wraps well, holds up under high mileage, and doesn’t disclolor easily. It’s a great choice if you have smaller hands and are bothered by the bulky cork tapes.

7/29/2009 2:49:15 PM

 Anonymous : 

People sure are passionate about this bar tape - seems you either love it or hate it. I’m ambivilent - I’ve used both varieties, and while I had a lot of difficulty with the "suede" variety, I’ve found the smooth vinyl easy to use, comfortable and relatively durable. So, thumbs up on the vinyl, thumbs down on the suede.

7/20/2009 5:47:07 AM

 Anonymous : 

I put white Fizik tape on my bike a few years and several thousand miles ago, and it is only now beginning to curl at the edges and get dirty looking. I love it. I have an alternate bike that I wanted to re-wrap for a race, and I had to use Cinelli cork tape since that was all that was available. After only one ride it is already discolored, and the feel and look is very inferior to the Fizik. I am going to strip it off and replace it with the Fizik. I am quite satisfied. The negative reviews above are mystifying.

6/20/2009 8:56:18 PM

 Anonymous : 

Best tape I’ve used in my shop ever hands down. Never had a single customer complaint since I started using it and I have it on all my rides!

6/19/2009 6:32:29 PM

 Anonymous : 

I’ve used many kinds of bar tape over the years - Cinelli, Stella Azzura, Look Carbon, etc. - and this tape is, by far, the most difficult to wrap. The edges crimp and when you try stretch it tighter it begins to wrip. Very frustrating. I like the feel, but I can’t vouch for it’s longevity, since I tossed it before I finished the job. So, guess I just wasted $18.00. My question to the folks who simply love this tape: did you do the install yourselves?

Many of the staff have installed this tape with nary a problem - ed

3/18/2009 6:24:07 AM

 Anonymous : 

As others have said, this is great tape, does not show dirt and grime, and lasts a long time. The absolute best things about it, I have not been caught in a hard rain nor have I crashed in the two years I have used the tape—magic. But, I am buying black Deda tape; I just cannot afford $18 bar tape.

2/27/2009 9:00:42 PM

 Anonymous : 

This tape is terrible. It wraps very poorly and the sides rip very easily. The feel is very rubbery too. Cinelli cork is far better. I bought it based on the good reviews. What a disappointment.

Fizik has been a top pick of our staff and we have not experienced the same problems as this reviewer - ed

1/27/2009 11:12:32 PM

 Anonymous : 

I love this tape... I’ve had the red version on my bike for three years and I wrapped it backwards (looks neater) on purpose (from the center of the bar to finishing at the ends) and it still hasn’t had any problems. Cork tape would have fallen apart a LONG time ago wrapped in the wrong direction. Also does feel great riding without gloves. My only issue with this tape has been that, after recommending it to some friends, I noticed their Fizik tape is significantly not as thick feeling as my older version, which I find perfect. This was disappointing and I hope they have not continued making the tape this way.

11/3/2008 9:15:59 AM

 Anonymous : 

This tape is awesome. It’s easy to apply and it lasts a very long time.

7/30/2008 12:01:32 PM

 Anonymous : 

I agree 100% with other review: if you like white tape, this is the bar tape for you!!! You don’t have to worry about keeping it clean because it NEVER gets dirty---it’s almost kinka facinating. I was also able to retape it w/o any problems, maybe the suade(ish) black tape is different?? Currently have brown tape and will be retaping it soon as well. Only dissapointment is brown tape is ltd. edition & don’t really have the Brooks $$$ for their brown tape.

7/13/2008 6:55:27 PM

 Anonymous : 

This is a great bar tape. I am a cinelli fan. Have always loved the classic cork tape but I have to say the feel and look of the fizik tape is superb. And contrary to one other poster it doesn’t tear or rip. Actually the opposite-I was able to retape with the old tape after switching bars. No way could I do that with cinelli. I will say the tape takes a bit of getting used to when first wrapping it. It is stiffer or maybe less pliant than cinelli so you have to work it to make it smooth and to get nice transitions. But really nice tape.

3/7/2008 10:56:12 PM

 Anonymous : 

If you love white tape and hate how quick it becomes a mess of gray and black smudges and discoloration, THIS IS THE WHITE TAPE FOR YOU! I don’t know how it does it but it stays white!!! I have used Cinelli Cork Tape, Deda Tape, and Specialized and none of those tapes keep as clean a white color as Fizik tape. I have had none of the tearing problems as other reviewers. Only complaint may be it is a little slick when riding in the rain. BUT IT STAYS WHITE!!!!!

2/26/2008 7:52:02 PM

 Anonymous : 

I’ve had mixed results with Fizik tape. I used blue and transferred it to another bike then put it back on the first bike. Never showed any wear. I used black tape and it tore as I was wrapping the lower portion on the bar. Perhaps because the black is suede. I’d give a 5 for the blue tape and a 2 for the black. One thing I like is the finishing tape is wide and stays put, looks nice also...

2/7/2008 11:23:21 AM

 Anonymous : 

I cannot understand why everyone loves this tape so much. Are you all Fizik employees? This tape does not wrap well (it actually tears easily while wrapping). The edges do not lay flat so unless you do a split wrap you will have rolled edges on either the drops or the bartops. Overall just about any tape with tapered edges is a better buy (Profile, Sampson Fatwrap, etc.) and MUCH easier to use. The only positive comment I can make about Fizik tape is it does have a very nice feel on bare hands. If you ride with bare hands and like to rewrap bartape this might be the tape for you.

We have not had any wrapping problems with this tape - Ed

4/7/2007 4:51:58 PM

 Anonymous : 

I started with the metal blue on my gray with subliminal blue Klein. Later I decided to go monochromatic and got the black. Love the feel so much I oftimes ride without gloves. I did some detail work on a friend’s bike and used the original blue I had saved. She thought the tape was new! Great look and feel; durable as well. With this tape Fizik has vaulted with Cinelli.

1/2/2007 9:26:16 PM

 Anonymous : 

I like this tape as well, feels good, looks good, very durable. I have it on my race bike and my touring bike.

12/20/2006 8:01:34 PM

 Anonymous : 

I placed this tape on two of my bikes. One of which I have ridden 3 thousand miles with Fizik metal blue tape, and it has not discolored or show any signs of wear. Remarkable.

8/30/2006 1:21:12 PM

 Anonymous : 

This is a remarkable handle tape, in that it does not discolor. I have the metallic blue tape, and have put about 3,000 miles on my bike with this product. It looks NEW. Granted it is lightly padded, nonetheless it grips well.