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DoWrap SweatVac Ventilator Cap

The SweatVac ventilator cap combines the seamless contour and superb sweat management of the Skull Cap with a four way stretch mesh top. Three inch wide DriSmart™ shell with Transpor™ liner keeps the sweat from pouring into your eyes while the mesh top provides excellent ventilation. Great under helmets in extreme heat. The Do Wrap Sweat Vac System is a blend of the finest technical materials.


  • Transpor™ and DriSmart™ work together to provide the ultimate in perspiration management
  • Dries 4 times faster than cotton
  • Ultra thin profile is perfect under helmets
  • Great for warm to very hot weather
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • $16.95
    Item #: 816000


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     Anonymous : 

    If your follically challenged, like I am, you need one of these!! IT not only keeps you from getting the tiger stripe sun burn on top of your head, but it really does keep you cooler when it's hot out. I don't ride without one. Living in AZ almost makes it mandatory.

    Pros: Works!! Keeps you coll, and unburnt!!

    Cons: None

    7/7/2009 8:05:08 PM

     Anonymous : 

    Works well. Cools your head by perspiration. Head stays cooler when wearing one under your helmet. No sweat in my eyes or glasses. Don’t know it’s even there. You can wash it by hand after your ride and hang dry. It will be dry in a few hours. Good product.

    6/9/2008 9:19:50 AM

     Anonymous : 

    Just rode the MACC century ride in Wisconsin in 95 degree heat, hills, and 20 mph winds. The Ventilator Cap was awesome!! It kept the sweat out of my eyes and off my glasses the entire time. The ventilated top kept me cool and it was so comfortable that I forgot that I was wearing it until I took my helmet off. Bottom line, this is one of the few sweat maintenance products that actually performs as advertised and the only one I would buy again.

    8/20/2007 12:58:44 AM

     Anonymous : 

    As usual with products like these, DoWrap describes the sophisticated wicking action which keeps your eyes sweat free. There is actually a very thin terry section... which does next to nothing. Water pours off my forehead into my glasses, down my nose and chin. There is no reason not to make a more absorbent thicker terry--it sits _underneath_ where your helmet contacts your head.

    7/15/2007 6:34:24 PM

     Anonymous : 

    Rode twice for a total of nine hours. Excellent results. The rides were through the Colorado foothills in mid-July in temperatures up to the low 90s. I don’t think any perspiration touched my eye shades! I have always had sweat management problems in my twenty plus years of riding. This is the first ventilator cap I have ever used and I see no reason to try any others.

    6/19/2006 11:33:38 AM

     Anonymous : 

    Best sweat vac I’ve ever used. On a two hour ride in hot humid conditions, not a drop of sweat reached my sunglasses. With other sweat bands my sunglasses would be useless after a half hour because of sweat.

    5/1/2006 2:27:11 PM

     Anonymous : 

    This Cap DOES NOT provide the UPF protection as stated on this website... all one has to do is call the manufacturer to confirm. All other SweatVac caps made by DoWrap do offer UPF protection.