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Bell Sweep Helmet

The Bell Sweep helmet enjoys wide popularity for its relative smallish size, light weight, and great venting, but it also has impressive safety features. The microshell and EPS foam are bonded while the microshell is still in the mold creating a stronger helmet. In In-Mold bottom wrap features a microshell cover over an area that is less durable, exposed EPS foam on most helmets. The Sweep has internal, reinforcing composite skeletons to fortify the Sweep the same way rebar makes concrete stronger. The straps on the Sweep are very easy to size with its cam lock lever and a removable visor included.


  • 277 grams
  • Includes removable visor
  • 20 channeled vents provide incredible air circulation
  • Internal reinforcements give strength and allow light weight
  • Twin Axis Gear fit system designed to better fit the back of the head
  • Cam lock levers on straps allow quick and easy strap length adjustment
  • Microshell is bonded to the EPS foam layer to provide a sturdier, more solid helmet
  • $124.95
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