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Assos T.607 Bib Shorts


The Assos T.607 bibs are the perfect choice when the ride ahead calls for slightly colder temps than you find in the summer season, but not cold enough for tights. Occasionally combined with knee of leg warmers will elevate them to the next temperature zone.

The Assos designers took the FI.Mille bib as a template and then proceeded to add and change the material build to create the T.607. It features light RXQ fleece fabric on main side panels that cover your muscles. Special 3D air-channel structure creates a next-to-body micro air cushion resulting in increased heat retention and dryness by lowering volume and thickness. In short you get the insulation boost but the garment remains light and thin. Less bulk = more freedom of movement.

Assos employs their proven AEPD, Advanced Ergonomic Pattern Design concept to make the garment fit like a second skin. When you first put the bib tights on, you will notice they pull in certain areas and the fabric around the knees tend to sag. When you get on the bike and assume the cycling position, the garment transforms into a second skin. You can have you cycling clothes fit when your sedentary or when you're cycling, you cannot have both. Assos chose the latter and it works like a charm.

See where this garment fits into the synergistic Assos Layering System


  • Mille S5 chamois
  • Lightweight Roubaix fleece front panels
  • windproof front groin panel
  • Welded leg grippers
  • Includes a wash bag
  • 607 fabric for better breathability and muscle compression
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