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Assos T.NeoPro s7 Bib Shorts

The T.NeoPro S7 is Assos's entry level bib short and spiritual successor the venerable (and now retired) FI.Uno S5 bibs. And similar to the other S7 bibs, the T.NeoPro offers more performance and better fit by offering a product that has less volume, improved chamois, fabrics and a simplified construction process. Although an entry level product, remember, it's entry level for Assos. You can expect the T.NeoPro to be at the same latitude or close to some other top range bib offerings in the cycling apparel market.

All panels of the T.Neo Pro are constructed from Assos's proprietary Type 429 lycra. This fabric is low volume and low weight which gives the garment and second skin feel and a pair of bibs that weigh around 170 grams. The sheer and taught qualities of Type 429 provide you with a perfect balance of muscle compression and elasticity with superior moisture wicking capacity. The Type 429 panels are anatomically cut patterns that when sewn together, form a uniformed and anatomically correct fit for your body when postured in the cycling position. This is called AEPD or Advanced Ergonomic Pattern Design.

The insert is elastic, so it will stretch while you are cycling to help cut down on friction from chafing. The chamois features GoldenGate technology, which means it is only attached at the front and rear of the insert, allowing the unstitched center to free float and act as if it were a natural extension of your body. These innovations give the S7 chamois an organic and comfortable sensation. The padding and support comes from the Assos designed memoryFoam which features a shock absorbing, closed cell foam construction. The memoryFoam padding returns to its original form as soon as pressure is released. This means that every time your pedaling position changes, you move on the saddle or shift your weight, memoryFoam foam fills the gap. The foam is placed in strategic areas including around each side of the prostate area to create a well for pressure release. The top layer of the chamois is billed as Assos superAir and is located directly under the top sheet. This waffled pattern design dissipates heat by creating proper air flow, while simultaneously wicks moisture and perspiration away from your body. Anti-bacterial threading is used on the top sheet to help keep the top pad clean and sanitary.

The T.NeoPro incorporates the Assos Y7 Bib Carrier strap design. These straps are s-shaped, super flat and move towards the outside of your chest which offer better support while being lower profile. Thanks to Assos, bib straps no longer have to sit directly on your clavicle. The Y7 carriers offer the support you need while feeling like they are not even there.

Purchase of these bibs is tacit acknowledgment of wanting to own the best brand of bib shorts produced while having and eye for value. You can have these in any color you want as long as it is black. Choose your size.


  • Proprietary Type 439 Lycra
  • Performance meets value
  • S7 chamois with GoldenGate technology
  • memoryFoam and superAir chamois technology reduce genital pressure by 23%
  • Wide Y7 yoked and anatomical suspenders
  • AEPD II anatomic race fit
  • Multiple panel construction
  • Low volume and lightweight
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL, XLG, TIR
  • Color: Black
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Reg Price $189.00


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Posted on 7/18/2016

These are expensive but worth the extra $$. They will out last anything else on the market. I have a pair of Assos bibs I bought 25 years ago and they are still going strong. So they may cost more up front but on a year by year cost basis they are the best buy. Super comfortable. I have other brands but I always reach for these first

Pros Comfort and last forever

Cons Inital $$


Posted on 6/17/2014

I've been using the previous version of these bibs for three years now (still going strong!). Excellent bibs with a few issues (straps not comfortable). The shoulder straps are much improved. They're wider and they don't go directly over your nipples anymore. The leg grippers are much better too. Legs stay where they should but you'll feel no tightness around the opening. Chamois feels a bit more padded, There's definitely more room in the front and on longer rides, I never noticed it creeping up into the junction of me leg and crotch (sometimes the I'd need to pull the previous gen shorts down a bit after 60 miles). I was sort of wondering about going to one panel on each leg but it works well enough and the fit seems quite good. All in all, Assos has improved an excellent bib.

Pros Comfort, fit.

Cons They never wear out.