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Sidi T3 Carbon Air Triathlon Shoes

With the T3 Carbon Air Triathlon shoe, Sidi was able to combine solid performance with the convenience of ease of entry and exit for fast transitions. Gone is the mono strap design for a more performance orientated and sensible dual strap closure system. The lower strap is located slightly farther down the shoe so you can get in and out by opening or closing the top strap. Once you're on the bike, you can then adjust the bottom strap to your liking.

The upper is constructed of Sidi's proprietary Tecnomicro fabric that has been specially perforated for additional ventilation and air flow. Technomicro provide excellent support but remains thin, breathable and extremely stretch resistant. The Vernice finish adds durability and and makes the shoe easy to clean and care for, both of which help extend longevity. The interior of the upper features a soft, brushed plush material which is ideal for wearing the T3 sock-less. This Sidi specific material wicks and dries rapidly.

Sidi's Eleven Carbon/Composite Sole is designed for maximum stiffness and power transfer, but it's also engineered with a small degree of controlled flex in the toe area, which relieves plantar tendon strain during the pedal stroke. This is a nice balance between a stiff performance orientated sole with long range comfort in mind. It was clear to us from the outset that this is one of the top Tri shoes we have ever laid our eyes on. If you're in the market, these are worth consideration.


  • Eleven Carbon/Composite Sole
  • Perforated Technomicro upper
  • Special wicking interior
  • Easy entry/exit with ample support
  • Solid performing Tri shoe
  • Made in Italy
Item #: 800502
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