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Assos TK.434 S5 Bib Knickers


The TK.434 S5 Bib Knicker is the garment of choice for when the temp drops just enough for you to want some added warmth and climate protection to your lower thighs and knees. They provide about the same amount of warmth as a standard pair of bibs with knee warmers, except the fit and muscle compression is far superior.

The body of the knicker is constructed from sheer 434 lycra. This fabric offers ample muscle compression and comfort in a low volume and lightweight package. The sculpted knee panel has added RXQ waffled fleece for some added insulation to the extended knee region. All panels are anatomically cut to Assos's AEPD patterns, so the fit while riding is like a second skin. The FI.Mille S5 insert that is supplied with the 434's is slightly thicker than other Assos inserts. It will off a little bit more warmth and insulation and features a waffled, golf ball-like texture that promotes airflow and perspiration dissipation. The insert is elastic, meaning it will literally stretch to your body.

The experience of having one unified, low volume garment as opposed to using shorts and knee warmers makes your time in that saddle that much more enjoyable. The sculpted panel fit and muscle compression combined with one piece leg is simply the perfect choice for many fall and spring days.

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  • Low volume 434 lycra garment
  • RXQ fleece knee panels
  • AEPD anatomical cut
  • FI.Mille S5 insert
  • Flat stitched seams
  • Fall and spring wardrobe staple
Reg Price $269.00


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Posted on 2/25/2013

I have an older pair that just lasts and lasts (must be ten years or more now, and it has even been in an accident and has road rash; a group ride was cut off by a horse trailer), but thought I would buy a new pair so I have two to use (I live in a cold climate in Canada). Incredibly comfortable and warm. I have a lot of Assos gear, and I would rather have one Assos than three anything else. Hands down phenominal, and considering how long the gear lasts, it is not as expensive as it first seems, though there is clear sticker shock. Ever notice how people wax on about Assos gear? It is for a reason.

Pros Comfortable and warm

Cons Sticker shock