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Assos TK.607 S5 Bib Knickers

Season after season, this is our best-selling knicker from any manufacturer. It is no secret why, it is simply fantastic in everyway: fit, style, performance and durability.

To understand the Assos product line, you need to familiarize yourself with their naming conventions. In this case the TK stands for bib knicker while the 607 refers the weight of the proprietary spandex that Assos uses. Lastly, S5 is the chamois - the outstanding FI Mille S5 pad. All that being said the 607 knicker is designed and perfectly suited for Spring, Fall & early Winter riding. This would be somewhere in the 40-60 degree range.

For this unique piece the designers at Assos went to the drawing board with a clean slate and started from scratch. Anatomic panels make the garment fit like a glove while cycling. Different materials are stitched together with strategic placement so you have thermal material where you need warmth and elastic material where there is a lot of dynamic action while cycling. Cleverly placed Airblock panel protects you abdominal area from chill and discomfort.

See where this garment fits into the synergistic Assos Layering System


  • Assos Campionissimo anatomic fit
  • ASSOS RXQ(Roubaix) insulator fabric on main/side panels
  • Airblock abdominal panel
  • FI Mille chamois
  • Soft leg grippers
  • $299.00
    Item #: 881011
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     Anonymous : 

    This is classic Assos. I still ride Assos pro bib shorts that I bought in the early 1980's. The clothing is that good.

    Pros: Fits like spray paint. Cushions like a good couch.

    Cons: Lasts too long? lol.


     Anonymous : 

    This is the best clothing piece I have ever bought. I had to swallow hard with the price but after one ride it is forgotten. The quality, comfort and function justify the price. The chamois is super comfortable, I have a pair of bib shorts from another manufacturer where the chamois rubs a sensitive area if you know what I mean, no adjustment on my part helps. The Assos chamois coddles you. The fabric and fit have to be tried to really understand how good a well fitting piece can be. They literally mold to your body with no binding. The grippers are well below my knees. I have started doing my laundry more often since I can not afford another a pair