Park Tool TS-2EXT Truing Stand Extensions

TS-2EXT allows truing of a 29'er wheel with the tire mounted on a TS-2 truing stand. It installs in seconds on any TS-2 Truing Stand. It also allows the TS-2 to be used on wheels with hubs up to 160mm wide. In addition, specially sized bosses on the TS-2EXT serve as adaptors so the TS-2 Truing Stand can be used with wheels using 12mm, 15mm, 20mm or 25mm thru-axle hubs with removable axles.


  • Mounts to a TS-2 Truing Stand
  • Allows truing of a 29'er wheel with the tire installed

Please note: the TS-2EXT extensions are not required for the TS-2.2 Professional Truing Stands. The TS-2.2 is built with longer arms to accommodate the larger 29er wheels with tires.

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