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POC Tempor Helmet

Tempor helmet is a TT/Tri helmet that is all about performance, safety, speed and aerodynamics. It is designed to provide the cutting edge advantage needed in Time Trial bike races. Thanks to extensive simulations including advanced aerodynamics and kinetics, the shape has been refined and ultimately adapted to integrate perfectly with the riders position.

POC's new conceptual approach to optimize aerodynamics and speed was to look at the rider as one body mass, rather than isolating the head from the rest of the body. Simultaneously with this new approach, energy absorbing material has been added where it's most needed to increase rider's safety.

By involving Gustav Larsson, Olympic Time Trial Silver Medalist and aerodynamic specialists from Semcon, POC has been tweaking and fine tuning. In the quest for optimization, the simulations counted to more than 60 billion single projections. The data processing and nodes used, compared to the most sophisticated aerodynamic projections for Formula-1 cars, corresponds to about 20% of those. And this is just one single helmet, compared to a whole car.

The helmet provides the highest possible safety thanks to the appropriate thickness of the liner at exposed areas around the helmet. The ventilation system is optimized with regard to impact absorption without neglecting air flow and aerodynamics. In addition, the fluorescent color increases visibility. The Tempor helmet has overlapping upper and lower shells and includes a detachable visor.


  • Aerodynamically superior design
  • High performance EPS liner for good shock absorption
  • Overlapping upper and lower shell for seamless protection
  • Air intakes for reduced air resistance
  • Detachable visor
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