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Stans NoTubes The Raven 29er Tire

Building on the success of The Crow tire, the Raven features virtually the same design with the same fast rolling hard durameter tread and softer durameter side knobs. The difference being, these soft side nobs are raised higher for more grip. With the added grip, you also add weight. When deciding between the Crown and Raven, you will need to determine if you prefer the added grip or added weight. The Raven is also available in both 2.0 or 2.2 widths with the latter making a great light weight all mountain tire for non-muddy conditions.

Under the Raven's tread is a supple 120tpi casing and large air volume. The incredibly strong butyl coated beads used are beefier than most UST beads and ensure reliability when the tire is run at it's recommended air pressure range. You will be shocked at how well these grip when run at slightly lower pressure. We have found them to be solid and durable performers in the field when run with Stan's sealant and especially so when combined with Stan's BST (Bead Socket) rims.


  • Supple 120 tpi casing
  • 20-43 recommended psi
  • Can be used tubeless or with a tube
  • Requires sealant to run tubeless
  • 498 grams - 29x2.0"
  • 548 grams - 29x2.2"

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