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Castelli Thermoflex Leg Warmers

With so many leg warmers available on the market, why would one choose the Thermoflex Leg Warmers. The answer is simple. Because you enjoy solid construction, great value and an exacting fit that has been developed by Castelli over decades of experience with anatomic patterns.

Not only is the fit exceptional, but is really superb around your knee. And while this may sound odd, how a cycling garment fits around your knee sets it up for greatness or failure. The anatomical and tapered warmers have a snug yet super comfortable fit. You will not experience bunching or gathering of excess material in the back of the knee, not will you have a pulling effect on the front of the warmer. The superb fit makes them feel like they are a natural extension of the skin.

The interior of the arm warmers have plush and inviting brushed fleece whose duplicate task provides thermal value and moisture management through perspiration wicking. The fleece has tiny filaments, each with hollow cores to trap heat and keep it against your skin, while the porous nature of the Thermoflex fabric allows for simultaneous breathability. Thin silicone grippers on the inside of each end of the warmer do a good job at keeping these in place while cycling. Both cuffs have a handy-dandy 6 inch zipper which makes both dressing and removal an easy task, even over shoes.


  • Anatomic cut and tapered fit
  • Simple design cues
  • Solid construction
  • Good thermal protection
  • Light brushed fleece interior
  • Elastic and silicone gripper
Reg Price $49.99
Item #: 892210