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Panaracer Tire Powder

Powdering your tubes reduces friction and bonding between the tube and tire casing. This treatment helps increase performance, tube life and is the sign of a professional. The canister that is supplied by Panaracer makes the job easy and painless.

We have these handy tire powder kits imported direct from the Panaracer factory in Japan. Being in the tire business, the engineers at Panaracer took the time to develop the proper powder to be used on your tire casing to prevent friction between tire and tube. Reducing friction greatly improves ride quality and reduces flats.

Use this once and you will never use baby powder or straight talcum powder again - these powders are messy and can clump in the casing when they get wet from condensation. Installation normally leaves powder all of the place and all over your hands, tires and tubes. In contrast, Panaracer's Tire Powder uses a talc formula which includes titanium dioxide, mineral oil and ultramarines to keep the powder dry, granular and evenly spread along the tube and casing.

Due to the special formula, very small amounts of the powder is needed to get the job done. The canister comes with a lid that has small holes in it and a blue sponge-like adhesion pad. Simply put the pad on the lid, turn upside down to fill the pad with powder. Then take the pad and rub on the powder to the inside casing of the tire. It is a clean and simple operation that makes a tremendous difference. The Panaracer Tire Powder comes in a 50 gram canister and provides enough powder for many tires. If you ride on a decent quality tire and wheelset, do yourself a favor and get a canister of this powder.


  • Prevents tube-tire friction
  • Special non-caustic, non-clumping formula
  • Easy-to-apply canister and pad
  • A must for any performance tire
  • 50 gram container
  • Made in Japan

Ingredients: Talc, Titanium Dioxide, Mineral Oil, Ultramarines

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Average Rating:


 Anonymous : 

This stuff works pretty good, I remember using baby powder years ago. This stuff is a bit more granular, so I can see how it would clump and bind as stated. Would give it 5 stars if it was a little less expensive.

Pros: works well

Cons: could be a little less expensive


 Anonymous : 

Excel was out if this for a while, but it was worth the wait. Awesome and must have product!

Pros: Works great, easy to use

Cons: Nada


 Anonymous : 

Gets the job done when talc and a paper towel won't, I guess. Wickid good stuff!!!!!


 Anonymous : 

Guess I really never knew that I needed it untill I saw it on Excels website. Works great and makes tire install happen with less effort (friction). Recommended

Pros: Works as advertised

Cons: None