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Road    Sealant, UST Valves, & Rim Tape

Tufo Tire Sealant 50ml

The 50ml size is enough sealant for 1 to 3 tires. Tufo tire sealant can be used to repair most flats. It is also commonly used to prevent flats when applied inside a tube before the tire is ridden. Many of us use this product particularly in the late summer and fall to provide protection from dreaded "goat head" thorns. It is also great for cyclo-cross or in any situation where the probability of incurring a flat is higher than normal. Tufo tire sealant will allow you keep riding instead of fixing flats. It works exponetially better than other tire protectants because it is much more effective and a much smaller amont is needed to provide protection.


  • Enough for 1 to 3 tires
  • Includes tool to remove valve core
  • More effective than other popular protectants
  • Provides protection from most normal punctures
  • Repair flats as well as to protect against punctures
  • $12.95
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