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Mountain    Tires - 26 inch

Ritchey Tom Slick Tire Folding

The Tom Slick has been around for ages and is a proven winner. This smooth tire is a good choice for road and dirt road riding or super light duty trails. Perfect way to convert your old mountain bike into a functional winter or commuter rig. Select 26.X1.0 or 26x1.4".


  • Long lasting
  • Siphoned sides
  • 26"x1.0 - 260 grams
  • 26"x1.4 - 405 grams
  • Makes the mountain bike more efficient on the road or bike path
Item #: 755000


Average Rating:


 Anonymous : 

in four years had my first flat this week April 2014 I use them on my unit with a trailer in tow I max the pressure, ride is firm

Pros: good firm ride, reasonable tread life


 Anonymous : 

The Tom Slick flats so easily it's almost surrealistic. I've tried both the narrow 1" and the 1.4" fatties. The narrows flat way more, but the 1.4" still flats more than it should. I've never had tires that flatted so often. I once went for five 50-mile rides without a flat on the narrows, and that was the longest I ever went without a flat on the Tom Slick narrows. I got rid of the narrows but am still running the Tom Slick 1.4" on the front of a 26" mountain bike that I now use for errands. You guessed it -- I flatted last week -- on a paved bike path. The Victoria on the back has never flatted. I'll say this -- there's always a silver lining. I used to just throw flatted tubes away. But that became too expensive with theTom Slicks. So I became an expert at fixing inner tubes, and learned a few tricks. If it's a pinhole puncture, you can get away with a drop of super glue.

Pros: Good tread design

Cons: You look at this tire and it flats