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PRO Tool Kit


PRO serves up a compact tool kit to take care of all core bicycle repairs and fixes. Normally we do not sell the PRO brand on the fact that it is owned by Shimano, however when it comes to tools, it is important to understand that these are Shimano pro-level tools that are a shop-quality product. The tool kit offers the most common tools and makes for a great basic plus set. All tools fit into molded slots, so they do not move around during transport.

If you have handled a Shimano tool in the past, then you will be familiar with these tools, except PRO takes it to another level by adding rubber grip handles and laser etching. The rubber coating makes the ever popular Shimano tools even more of a joy to use. Durability is top notch and with proper care they should last a lifetime. The hard case is made from stout nylon with durable latches. We'd be willing to bet the Samsonite Gorilla would have a hard time causing harm to this case.

Kit Includes

  • 13mm cone wrench
  • 14mm cone wrench
  • 15mm cone wrench
  • 16mm cone wrench
  • Pedal wrench
  • Chain tool
  • Cable cutter
  • Cartridge bottom bracket remover
  • Hollowtech II bottom bracket remover
  • Cassette remover
  • Chain whip
  • Torx Y-wrench 25/30/40
  • Crankset remover
  • Chainring tool
  • Spoke wrench with interchangeable heads
  • Hex key wrench set
  • Tire levers
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