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TrainingPeaks Training Software WKO Plus 3.0

WKO+ v. 3.0 is the ultimate desktop software analysis tool for cyclists. Use it stand alone without an internet connection, or in combination with a TrainingPeaks.com web account. Version 3.0 has a multi-file/range analysis to compare data from different athletes, workouts, or parts of a workout. Scatter graphs and quadrant analysis provide advanced data analysis for all files. Flexible licensing allows the software to be installed on two different computers and a new device agent provides seamless data transfer. Version 3.0 also features improved client management for coaches and improved power profiling with updated categories and options.

TrainingPeaks™ WKO+ 3.0 is the industry leading analysis software for cyclists, endurance athletes and coaches. It is widely considered the gold standard software for athletes training with power. The software also accepts direct downloads from almost all popular power meters, heart rate monitors, and Garmin computers.

This intuitive software downloads device data, then graphs and charts workouts. The software is easy to use and works so well, it is recommended and used by most coaches. It is compatible with almost all power meters and downloadable heart rate monitors, which means there is no need to change expensive hardware. TrainingPeaks WKO+ 3.0 is a favorite of the Excel Sports Boulder staff.


  • Track changes in fitness
  • Record daily riding information
  • Safely store all data online for easy access
  • See a detailed analysis of all power data
  • Manually record or download workouts from over 80 compatible devices
  • Compare data between workouts or sections of a workout
  • Easily import all of your past training data
  • Monitor progress with the Performance Management Chart, TSS, rTSS, Normalized Graded Pace, Normalized Power, and more
  • Direct upload to TrainingPeaks.com online training log
  • Analyze workouts with customized metrics for cycling and running like Training Stress Score and Intensity Factor

To learn more, visit the TrainingPeaks WKO+ product page page

This item includes a card with a key so you can download the latest up to date version - does not contain a CD

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