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Pearl Izumi Transfer Balaclava

Pearl's P.R.O. Transfer series fabrics are comprised of a midweight, compact polyester blend, with a soft brushed interior. P.R.O. Transfer delivers excellent warmth for weight, and amazing moisture management. A balaclava can be too warm in many cool dry conditions, and the Transfer is designed to bridge these cooler temperatures, while still offering the protection and coverage conferred by a balaclava style. Many riders get used to normally exposed skin of the neck and face having a manageable, breathable layer of protection, without the additional material one finds on Pearl's Barrier Balaclava. The insulation provides warmth, but allows some air penetration, which helps to manage temperature and moisture. Many riders who venture out in the evenings or into the mountains like to pocket a Transfer Balaclava in case temps drop, they get a little too cool far from home, or for the descents when wind-chill jumps dramatically. Commuters love this for the same reasons. Affordable, packable, and effective for those days when conditions don't match the weather forecast.

As a rider, you don't want your gear to get in the way or get uncomfortable. The P.R.O. Transfer material delivers a near optimal level of stretch, compression, coverage, and recovery for consistent, durable usage. Designers have created panels that complement and stretch/ move in conjunction with each other, for under helmet comfort. Smooth, flat stitch seams keep the panels connected and comfortable.


  • Full head and neck coverage
  • P.R.O. Transfer fabric - 100% polyester
  • Reflective elements in visible areas
  • Color- Black
  • One Size
Reg Price $26.95


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