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Fizik Tritone Kium Rail Saddle

Triathlon and Time Trial require specific equipment both for performance and comfort reasons. Yet there is also another factor for time trialists and ITU governed triathlons: UCI regulations. UCI rule 1.3.012 requires that the tip of the saddle must be 5cm rear of the center of the bottom bracket spindle and the minimum length must be 240mm. Riders have long sought to gain advantage by driving their position forward to increase leverage and power. Traditional 'aero event' saddles have generally been as long as every day saddles. By reducing the nose of the saddle to its shortest possible need, manufacturers have developed saddles that bring the rider forward, yet also met UCI rules.

Enter the Fizik Tritone! The paradigm crashing equipment specialists from Fizik have several takes on these special saddles, and the Tritone follows the form of the Arione design, at least back half of it, and adds a Versus style relief channel in the center. The minimal nose section is just enough to assist the rider's balance and fluid pedaling motion, while the back portion carries the rider's weight. The restriction and aggressiveness of the aero posture 'holds' the rider in place. This Tritone 5.5 saddle is carried by the Kium rail standard Fizik pioneered- though adapted to the needs of the Tritone. The Kium rails are light with excellent platform stiffness for power transfer, as well as just enough flex for comfort and are mated to a Carbon Reinforced Nylon Shell, which both supports and cushions the rider. Although the Tritone Kium offers more cushion that a road Arione, it is a reasonable 250 grams, and offers some well thought out features: a nose hook for transition racking, and engineered rear mounting for the rear Carriage Kit.


  • ICS System compatible (when not using Carriage Kit)
  • Kium 7mm round rails, 85mm long
  • Carbon Reinforced Nylon shell
  • Thermowelded Microtex cover in Black/Red, or Black/White
  • 240mm x 140mm, 50mm nose width
  • 250 grams
  • Handmade in Italy
  • Carriage Kit: Removable/modular, includes holders for 2 bottle cages, CO¬≤ canister/ inflator, and a spare tube; kit weight 60 grams

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