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Feedback Sports Truing Stand TRS-80R

The Feedback Sports TRS-80R Pro Truing Station is a uniquely engineered, one-sided stand that provides unrestricted access for easy adjustment or wheel building. Adjustable placement of lateral and radial guages with precision indexing indicators enable accurate truing and dishing for any standard hub wheel up to 29" - with or without tire removed.


  • No dishing tool required
  • Heavy Cast Iron Base for Stability with compartments for nipples, spoke wrenches and other wheel tools
  • Stand Alone Unit which requires no bench mount drilling
  • Easy Access to hub-end spoke nipples
  • Great Value
  • $49.88
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    1/2/2008 2:11:30 PM

     Anonymous : 

    I’m pretty into this truing stand. The level of precision is much, much higher then that of the similarly priced Park "consumer" offering and the build quality is far superior. The ability to leave a tire on for lateral truing without it getting in the way is great, though you still need to remove it to get a good radial true. The click-wheel style mechanism is far more precise and easy to use then anything else I’ve encountered, but the drawback is that you can wiggle them around about 1mm in every direction when locked in place and there’s no way to tighten them down. That’s OK, as you can hear when the rim first makes contact and pushes it out of the way, but I’m worried about the longevity of these things, as they are all plastic except for the metal tips that hit the rim. But given the great usability of this tool and the $60 price tag, I’m please and would recommend. It certainly trues as well as anything I’ve used.