Shimano Universal Small Buckle and Strap Set

OE Universal Small Buckle and Strap set for Shimano SH-R215, R133, R132, R131, R130, R106, R087, R086, R085, RT82, RT81, WR61, WR 41, WR40, M225, M183, M182, M181, M162, M161, M087, M086, WM81, WM80, WM62 and WM61 shoes. Set includes 2 buckles, two straps and screws. Installation of both buckles and straps is simple and only takes a few minutes.


  • Spring loaded buckle clasps
  • Durable ratchet straps
  • 2 mounting screws included
  • Shimano part number ESHUNISBS
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