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Enve Composites Valve Extender

You would think a valve extender is just a valve extender, but that isn't actually the case. There are a number of different styles of valve extenders and some just aren't as good. Enve makes valve extenders the way they should be made. No hollow tubes with a valve buried way down in there somewhere. No more leaking either. Using these valve extenders you create a longer, fully functional valve,that you can still thread closed when you are riding.

The process is simple to install. Unscrew the valve core from your tube then thread the extender directly into the tube. Finally, thread the valve core into the valve extender. Now you have a fully functional valve that works like the factory intended. Even if you have long valve tubes for your deep wheels it is always a great idea to throw a valve extender in your bag. You never know when you might get a flat on your last tube and the only Good Samaritan passing by only has a short valve tube.


  • 39mm and 55mm lengths
  • Easy to install
  • Black
  • 5 grams (pair)
Item #: 462310