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Tri All 3 Velo Safe Pro Series ISP Travel Case

The Tri All 3 Safe ISP travel case offers complete portability of any frame with integrated seatmasts and seatposts. Many bikes with an integrated seatposts don't fit in standard travel cases because standard cases are not tall enough. The Tri All 3 Velo Safe ISP is about 6 inches taller than Tri All 3 Custom Road case and specifically designed for both bikes with integrated seatposts and other large frames (over 60cm)

As with all Tri All 3 designs it has two distinct features to the traveler not found in any other travel case. First, unmatched protection and durability. Your expensive bike will be completely enveloped in a hard case shell with reinforced columns that will protect it from all the harsh realities of traveling around the globe. You frame is practically guaranteed to arrive safe and sound. The second unrivaled feature is minimal assembly and disassembly. The Custom Road case requires very little mechanical work to get your bike out of the case and rolling down the road. Simply insert your seatpost and front wheel and you're done. Pedals stay attached, as do the handlebars in their correct position. The price of admission is the size and weight. You will most likely be charged for oversize and overweight package fees at the airport. Getting the case into a small taxi can be a challenge as well. Beyond that, the case is complete bicycle-traveling nirvana.

Heavy duty polyethylene construction with alloy skeleton and sideways struts/beams make the case somewhat indestructible. The exposed corners all have a steel cover for added durability. Latches are both bomb proof and lockable. A total of four casters (twice as many as most cases) are high quality ball bearing units that are built to last and be as durable as the rest of the case. Red pull tab leash in combo with the casters make toting the cart around a busy airport a snap.

To load the bike up, you simply remove the front wheel and turn the fork 45° to the right and fasten the fork into the quick release on the bottom of the case. The wheel then gets inserted the left rear of the case. The seatpost comes out and fits in the bottom of the case. Insert the top section of the case and close latches. That is all there is to it! Beyond simplicity, there is plenty of extra room in the case for other items, like your helmet, shoes and plenty of non-cycling related items.


  • Designed specifically for tall frames of integrated seatpost frames
  • Absolute minimal assembly and disassembly
  • Bomb-proof industrial construction
  • 4 ball bearing casters for durability and stability
  • Quality handles and locking latches
  • Alloy skeletal internal frame
  • High molecular weight polyethylene shell
  • 47"x13"x32" interior dimensions
  • 39lbs total case weight
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